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Fischer is a leading global corporate real estate firm solely focused on occupiers. We provide real estate strategy, transaction management, portfolio administration, and technology solutions to corporate real estate users looking for a conflict-free broker for their real estate needs.

A former employee said this on Indeed "Fischer has a very tough and paranoid work environment with zero communication from management. Regularly fire people based on the owner's wife discretion and for no apparent reason other than she can! The owner and his wife are also at odds and never agree on anything. Bad place to work".


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Former Employee - Manager says

"Rigid mindset, extreme lack in communication, divisive personalities"

Current Employee - Assembly Line Leader says

"Team work and raises also training"

Administrative Support (Former Employee) says

"Very tough and paranoid work environment with zero communication from management. Regularly fire people based on the owner's wife discretion and for no apparent reason other than she can! The owner and his wife are also at odds and never agree on anything. Bad place to work.NoneMany"

Lease Administrator (Former Employee) says

"This company is deeply rooted in nepotism. Your job security, consideration for advancement and relationships at work will be predicated on your family and or friendships with management. Also, health insurance is EXTREMELY expensive at this company, with literally deductibles north of $10,000.00 for a family. All of this while your work and productivity are tracked under the microscope enormously and unreasonably through specialized audit procedures. Educational attainment is not valued either, I found myself reporting to management without any secondary education beyond that of a high school diploma.Some cameraderie between staff and nice people. Some teamwork at times.Nepotism. Favoritism. Lack of professionalism."

Lease Analyst/Administrator (Former Employee) says

"The salary range is not in line with similar companies offering growth and additional career opportunities for the same role and responsibilities. Failure to address and ignore these company "cons" will surely put the company/department into the business failure category.Limited/No Growth Opportunities; Salary"

Executive Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Beware of working here. I was a very hardworking individual and showed a lot of initiative. I was offered a promotion by my supervisor and when he presented it to the owners for approval, I was fired with no notice or explanation. I was contacted by other members of the company, who suggested that I get an attorney and file a wrongful termination lawsuit against them. There is apparently a pattern of employees getting fired there for no reason at all, other than that the owner's wife was in a bad mood that day, and decided to assert her power on an unknowing employee."

Lease Administrator (Current Employee) says

"Work 10 - 12 hour days for my client is in the west coast and am available for them during their working hours and started the day at our standard time, 8am.Hardest part of the job is communication when not able to reach management or client.working from hometoo many hours of work during the week and weekend."

Associate, Real Estate (Former Employee) says

"If you find a great mentor, you will be rewarded. If you have an insecure mentor, you will never advance. Strong corporate clients and typical splits but very limited senior management leadership allows for a very pyramid scheme hierarchy."

Employee (Current Employee) says

"This company pulls in approximately $60 million in annual revenue with a mere 125 employees. You need to be highly productive and versatile to work here. Surprisingly, the compensation is considerably below market. This company lacks culture and is slow to reward hard work. Unless you bring in new clients, you will likely work long hours and be underpaid. Those in leadership positions are generally competent, hard-working, and respectable. However, I have seen few leaders abruptly and dramatically terminate decent people that violate unspoken political or social rules. Overall, working at Fischer has not paid off in the short term, but can have a massive payoff if you persevere and learn the ropes (especially in brokerage).Dynamic work, competent people, high profileCompensation, culture, slow career advancement"

Lease Analyst (Current Employee) says

"I think the company is a good company to work for. Very progressive. My manager, however, did not treat everyone with respect. They seemed to want to always show power.Forwarding thinking companyNo accountability for managers"

Phil Sullivan says

"Very pushy sales, misleading information regarding being 'compatible' with economy 7 tariffs - well, yes - every electric product is if it's plugged in! Benefits you are led to believe are misleading. The 'on the day price' was the best they could offer said the salesman, which was ridiculous. Then HQ offered 25% off that when I didn't do business. Then it was again reduced. Do not like businesses that operate in this way, particularly as they target the elderly too. And they frequently flyer your house with new offers on the same poor products. AVOID, AVOID, AVOID."

Anne Mason says

"Disgraceful service absolute rip off - preying on the elderly - My mum in her late 80”s is paying over £200 a month because if this atrocious system - going back to gas would NEVER recommend"

.Carol James says

"Its more than a year since we had our heaters fitted. No problem with the fitting, we had 2 old storgage heaters, and an oil filled radiator replaced with 3 Fisher heaters. When we had the site visit they told us that the heaters did store heat, and that they would safe us money. The also asked us to change our electricity supply to Fisher energy, which wee did. Almost immediately our bills doubled, to add insult, for that the flat is cold, we can't afford to have all 3 heaters on, so we have the lounge on, most of the time, but the other 2 for a few hours a day. At least with the storage heaters it was not freezing, we also had economy 7, and l used to do my washing at night, but not any more. We live in a small one bedroom flat, l think that £100 a month is really expensive. I have read most of the reviews, but most of the five star reviews are from this year, which means they have no idea how much it's going to cost in the winter. I have recently change my energy supplier, so l am ho"

Chris Turner says

"So this is the review I left last time "Terrible customer service! I find it amazing there are no bad reviews up here - If you would like honest reviews that are not deleted please see yell !" A rather emotional response perhaps so I will stick to the facts this time! I have since deleted this review and I'll get to why later: 1. Ordered heat pump and paid £400 deposit 2. They called the next day to say I had been misquoted and the price had gone up by £1000! I did not want to pay this. Eventually after being spoken to very aggressively and made to feel like I was in the wrong for their mistake, they agreed to talk to a manager. 3. Price honoured under duress. - My confidence in the company dented. 4. Was told it would take 5 weeks before install. 5. I cancelled my order and decided to get an air source heat pump instead. Was told I would be contacted by their "cancelation team". 6. No contact from anyone. 7. a week later I chased this 8. They said they had tried to call. I then received one further missed call from a private number (I work too, can't always pick up the phone). STILL no message on the answer machine. 9. Repeatedly asked for contact details of their "cancelation team" so that I could get in touch at a suitable time and discuss the refund of deposit. Was repeatedly told they would contact me and never did. 10. I was told on email that the refund had been issued and I should expect payment in to bank account shortly 11. Received £192 in to the account - missing a further £198 from our original payment - remember they still hadn't spoken to me about this - now more than two weeks after the cancellation. 12. I requested the further £198. Latest person on the email (and there were many) was surprised that I hadn't yet had contact with their "cancellation team". Guess what - they'll be in touch! 13. Finally received a phone call, lo and behold it was the same woman who called to tell me the price had gone up by £1000! 14. Her very abrupt manner did not make me feel listened to, was completely missing the point and she was determined that she would not help in any way. I asked if I could speak to the people who made decisions - was told I wouldn't be able to as this would be the director of the company, I told her that I too am a director of a company and am very happy to speak to my customers. She told me to address the next email F.A.O Keith Bastian, who I later found out is the CEO of FIscher. Which I did! 15. A phone call from a sales director (Not Keith Bastian but progress nevertheless!). Another with a very abrupt manner I felt. He denied that previous lady had been in any way rude, felt that everything was fine with how they had dealt with me all the way through and then - Here it comes - suggested that he would refund the remaining £198 ONLY IF I removed my 'adverse' review from Trustpilot !! 16. I suggested I would edit rather than remove but that was not sufficient and he would not refund until I had said on his recorded phone call that I would remove it entirely. Eventually I agreed. 17. Refund issued (Hallelujah what a battle!!) 18. I removed previous review and left a fresh one including the blackmail ending. SO I would like to take back what I said about Fischer removing reviews themselves - they don't do this, they just bully their customers in to removing them instead! YOU CAN NOT GET AWAY WITH IT FISCHER!!!! They will now respond no doubt with details of how they all followed procedure and how their products are excellent etc. but once again they will be missing the point. Their customer service IS terrible! And that ladies and gents are the FACTS." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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